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Working Group: Code Coverage Tool for R

Code coverage helps to ensure greater software quality by reporting how thoroughly test suites cover the various code paths. Having a tool that supports the breadth of the R language across multiple platforms, and that is used by R package developers and R core teams, helps to improve software quality for the R Community. While a few code coverage tools exist for R, this Oracle-proposed ISC project aims to provide an enhanced tool that addresses feature and platform limitations of existing tools via an ISC-established working group. It also aims to promote the use of code coverage more systematically within the R ecosystem.

ISC Proposal Document

Meeting Minutes

Working Group Members

  • Shivank Agrawal, Oracle
  • Chris Campbell, Mango Solutions
  • Santosh Chaudhari, Oracle
  • Karl Forner, Quartz Bio
  • Jim Hester, RStudio
  • Mark Hornick, Oracle – Group Leader
  • Chen Liang, Oracle
  • Willem Ligtenberg, Open Analytics
  • Andy Nicholls, Mango Solutions
  • Vlad Sharanhovich, Oracle
  • Tobias Verbeke, Open Analytics
  • Qin Wang, Oracle
  • Hadley Wickham, RStudio – ISC Sponsor