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Working Group: Future-proof Native APIs for R

This working groups will assess current native API usage, gather community input, and work towards an easy-to-understand, consistent and verifiable API that will drive R language adoption.

2016-06-30 Meeting UseR!

see R Native API meeting 2016-06-30

2016-06-20 Teleconference

see R Native API call 2016-06-20

2016-06-20 Survey of API usage

see Initial Survey of API Usage

2016-06-13 Initial WG members

  • Alexander Bertram, BeDataDriven
  • Torsten Hothorn, University of Zurich
  • Mick Jordan, Oracle Labs
  • Stephen Kaluzny, TIBCO (ISC representative)
  • Michael Lawrence, Genentech
  • Karl Millar, Google
  • Duncan Murdoch, University of Western Ontario
  • Radford Neal, University of Toronto
  • Edzer Pebesma, University of Münster
  • Indrajit Roy, HP Labs
  • Michael Sannella, TIBCO
  • Lukas Stadler, Oracle Labs
  • Luke Tierney, University of Iowa
  • Simon Urbanek, AT&T Research Labs
  • Jan Vitek, Northeastern University
  • Gregory Warnes, Boehringer Ingelheim

2016-05-10 Initial phone meeting


  • Stephen Kaluzny (WG sponsor in ISC)
  • Lukas Stadler, Adam Welc, Mark Hornick (authors of the ISC project proposal)


  • Defining a WG leader (Lukas Stadler)
  • Channels on which do distribute call for participation:
  • r-devel mailing list
  • Authors of important packages (top packages in download stats) with native components
  • Alterative and modified implementations: Tibco TERR, renjin, pqr, cxxr/rho, FastR
  • Program committee of the RIOT workshop [[1]]
  • Lukas Stadler and Mick Jordan as initial members from Oracle Labs
  • Discussion about stopping criteria for the WG / "What is the job of this WG?"
  • Plan for meetings and discussions, general openness of all WG communication