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Top-level Projects

Approved by R Consortium TSC on 2017-10-18

This document outlines a proposed process by which an ISC project might graduate to top-level project, as well as the process by which such a project may be terminated. A top-level project implies long-term support (with 3 year review) by the R Consortium for the project, regardless of the person running it.


We currently have three top-level projecst:

  • R-hub, by Gabor Csardi.
  • RUGS program (incl. small conferences)
  • R-Ladies

Top-level projects imply long term support, and give the project a seat on the ISC.

Project Promotion

Generally, we will consider the following factors when deciding if a project should become a top-level project:

  1. The project is important, and is having a significant impact on the R community.
  2. The project has completed one year of successful funding, and delivered their first annual report.
  3. Commitment (to some extent) independently of the personnel on initial project.

Project would be nominated by ISC member, and confirmed by a simple majority vote. Then ISC chair would reach out to project and discuss budget etc


The project would prepare a rough 3 year plan, including discussion of personnel (i.e. either a commitment from the original grantee or a transition plan). Top level project would be allotted a line item on the ISC budget to ensure priority funding. Upon graduating, any remaining funding from initial grant will return to ISC.


The project would then be expected to have a status report at every regular meeting of the ISC to be presented by their ISC representative.

In lieu of regular project proposals, top-level projects would submit a proposed yearly budget by October 31 (in order to get budgeted for following financial year). This would serve as a regular review point for top-level projects, and would occur in a separate meeting to the other project proposals, with the ISC member associated with the project recusing themselves.

Concluding support

Top-level projects will be reviewed every three years. An explicit positive vote would be required to continue funding.

In exceptional circumstances, a top-level project may be terminated at any time by a simple majority vote of the ISC.

A top-level project will typically not be terminated if the grantee resigns, provided that succession plan is in place.